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Learner’s Licence Test in South Africa is known to have over 50% of fail results every year. If you are struggling to get a driving licence, worry no more! Our mock tests ensure you pass your learner’s permit test on the first attempt by providing access to hundreds of practice sessions. Start practicing your mock tests now!

Learn in a Fun and Simple Way

Get your Driving Licence in 4 Steps

1. Learn K53 Code by heart

K53 defensive driving techniques are the most crucial to learn] for the test. You can find the guidebook online or in the nearest store.

2. Take the Mock Assessments

We provide an extensive list of mock tests for each category of bikes, cars, and heavy vehicles. Practice all the mock tests, you can avail from us to become comfortable with the real exam.

3. Learner’s Licence Test

Apply to take the learners permit exam and pass the test. The test score must be 75% to get a learner’s licence.

4. Official Driving Test

With a learner’s licence in hand, now you can move to the ultimate step. Go ahead and pass your practical driving test to acquire a full driving licence.

Get Ready to Succeed in your Learners License Test

How it Works?

Real Exam Like Questions

Made to perfectly align with the official test manual by DLTC (driving licence testing centre), our set of mock tests follow the same exam pattern.

One Step Ahead

The driving licence issuing department might revise the syllabus at times. We bring to you the latest mock tests that are up to date and corresponding with the real test.

More Efficient than the Handbook

Our website provides you with over 1600 learner licence test questions that go hand in hand with the guidebook preparing you for the official DLTC exam.

Covers All Topics

All our tests are constructed in a manner that ensures you come across questions covering all the topics from the guidebook. Each test contains 20 to 30 multiple-choice questions for sign rules, road rules, vehicle controls, etc.

Type Of Test

Acquiring your Learner’s Licence is now Easier

Learn without Hassle

Reading the guidebook alone to prepare for the test can bore you. Mock tests available here will ensure learning on screen in an exciting way.

Master the Rules of the Road

All the important topics related to k53 defensive driving, traffic regulations, rules of the road, hand signs, road signs, and more are included in the mock tests.

Pass on your First Try

We ensure a first attempt pass for our premium holders. If you have not signed up, it will not decrease your chances of passing the first time if you put in enough time and effort.

Prepare on the Go

No stress about using a particular device or filling sign up procedures. There are plenty of free mock tests available that you can access anytime, anywhere with your smartphone.

Mock Theory Test

Test your knowledge, Boost Your Strengths!

Premium Mock Tests Worth the Price

Instant Responses

You will receive immediate feedback from the website regarding your answers whether it is correct or not and an explanation describing the reason.

Topic-Wise Flashcards

Along with the dedicated category-wise study materials, you can get your hands on various flashcards that aid in memorization for the real test.

Interactive Test

Just like the real test, we use visual depictions like images and videos in the questions which prepare you for the official test.

Rectify your Mistakes

Know your weaknesses by cross-checking your test answers and begin working harder on your areas of improvement.

Smart Preparation

K53 learners test demands you to be quick and precise with the answers. Learn to manage your time effectively with the help of mock tests.

Number of Questions and Pass Score

  • 1. The road rules – 30 questions; 23 must be answered correctly.
  • 2. Road signs, traffic signals, markings – 30 questions; 22 must be correct.
  • 3. Controls of the vehicle – 8 questions; 6 must be answered correctly.

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